Changing Life & Destiny

A Movement to Make You Proactive With Your Health

Our mission is to move our healthcare system to a preventative model.
We achieve this in three ways:


Half-day expos around the country


Our annual 2-day conference


Experience the conference from the comfort of your home

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The Annual Changing Life & Destiny Conference is returning to the Plano, Texas April 28th - 30th!

The Changing Life & Destiny Conference brings together the most effective and technologically advanced solutions for prevention and wellness. You will not want to miss this life-changing event that can help you, your patients, colleagues, family members, and friends take control of their health and wellbeing. Prevention is our only true insurance policy, and we can show you the way.

Check out highlights from our 2022 Changing Life & Destiny Conference and see why people are joining the movement to become preventative with their health!


"Changing Life and Destiny. That's what this is about. Changing your life, changing your destiny. And not just changing, improving it. Why? Because you are going to improve your health. How? The best ways possible. And most people do not know how to do that effectively. This conference has been phenomenal. This is actually the first year I have ever been at a conference like this because we have technologies and things here that you are not going to see outside of Vegas."

Clint Fuqua

"The best thing about this event - there is not a best thing. It's all great. The expo is extraordinary with tons of health healing hacks and the way they timed out the speakers has been extraordinary. You would be so surprised about how much research has been done to help so many people. And the way that it is being shared here is one of the best things you can do."

Dr. Levi Richards

"I came to the conference because I wanted to learn better or more efficient ways to manage my healthcare and wellbeing without big pharma and pharmaceuticals. I had a stroke about 10 years ago, so that plays heavy on my mind with the way I look. Plus, I had bone-crushing headaches. So, my practitioner invited me. I really learned a lot about modalities and remedies to help me on my healing journey."

Melody McFarland

"It's been a wonderful conference. So many people were here. Everybody enjoyed themselves. It's an important conference because we all need to pay more attention to ourselves and our bodies. There were vendors here that told us how we could do that. There were samples of products. There were sample treatments. And it is important for everybody to take very good care of themselves. To put themselves first. If we don't take care of ourselves, we are unable to take care of anybody else."

Dr. Carla Garcia
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