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I am sure you are aware of the challenges people are facing with healthcare in America. The truth is people do not have health insurance as we used to know it. Most have high deductible health insurance, which means their day-to-day healthcare needs are met with out of pocket dollars, while half the bankruptcies have to do with a catastrophic illness.

True insurance today, is prevention, because for over 95% of the population, it is not the genetics but how we live and take care of ourselves. The good news, is that we know for most diseases, there are a set number of inducers and promoters, that if addressed, will make people preventative with their health, which means they can therefore prevent prevalent diseases like cancer, Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease etc.

However, the challenge for most people is their lack of access to this kind of information, the technologies and programs that are available, and the specially trained healthcare practitioners who can empower society on a journey of health.

What is even more exciting, beyond the concept of prevention, is how with new technology, we can also turn back the clock of time for people to look younger, slimmer, stronger, more vibrant and alive, in just days, not weeks, months or years. This kind of healthcare is unfortunately not understood or spoken about by our disease care physicians.

Therefore, I want to invite you to join us at the next Changing Life & Destiny conference being held in your community. At this event you will not only hear from back-to-back experts in the field of prevention for most diseases, but also how to reverse certain illnesses, experience sustainable weight loss, effective use of CBD and stem cells, to just name a few, but also ways to look younger, slimmer and feel more vibrant and alive, guaranteed.

At this one-of-a-kind event, you will also experience many of the technologies right there and then that can help offset certain inducers and promoters of disease and ill health. Furthermore, you will meet your community’s leading-edge Functional Medicine practitioners who can offer you healthcare, versus disease care that most people are experiencing with their General Practitioner, who only “jump” into action when you are in ill health.

​You see, there is a revolution taking place around prevention and our ability to promote wellness, that our standard of care is at best not understanding, and at worst, keeping quiet.

Most exciting, is how if you are interested, at the conference, you can also be tested and assessed across several key health markers to pinpoint imbalances that overtime, can turn into serious health problems, if not addressed. 

Attend our conference and give yourself and your family the healthcare of the future that can literally change everyone’s life and destiny. For corporate executives who attend, you can also learn how to reduce your corporate healthcare costs, while doubling your people’s productivity.

AL PIRNIA, Founder
EverHealth, Inc.

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