Wellness USA, Inc.

Wellness USA (est.1989) is recognized as a wellness pioneer in natural Health, Fitness, and Wellness with the passion to enhance the quality of everyone’s life and well-being. The mission of Wellness USA is to help naturally improve health, accelerate fitness and enhance wellness. Wellness USA is famous as the original inventor of multi-sensory wellness Pods, and the world’s first chromo-red-light infrared fitness gym with 12 natural energies for more results in less time. Be Present - Be Fit - Be Well. "The Art of Living a Better Life"

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The Pickle Juice Company

Pickle Juice was established in 2001 to provide a science based sports drink to professional athletes. Since 2001 we have strategically grown from providing to professional sports, to over 15,000 retailers in the US and added international distribution. Pickle Juice is the only product scientifically proven to stop muscle cramps. Our function built drink provides 10-15 times more electrolytes than most sports drinks.

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Begin your "Better" with Isagenix. Whether you'd like to eat better, look better, feel better, move better, know that everyone deserves better wellbeing from the inside out. With scientifically proven formulas and solutions to create optimal health and wellbeing, Isagenix strives to help you find your version of "better."

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Natural Action

Natural Action Technologies Inc has been helping make better water since 2010. Our in house design and development team utilizes the latest in ionization, revitalization, filtration and mineralization techniques to provide clean and functional water to assist bringing your body or system into balance. Our equipment comes with a 90 day no hassle money back, 10 year warranty and is simple to install. Inquire with for a free personal, home, or commercial consultation.

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Body Flexor, LLC

In a world where mobility and pain free movement allows opportunity for greater production, performance, and peace of mind we introduce you to the BFX STRETCH.

A exercise and stretching device created and patented by a chiropractic physician and his wife, the BFX STRETCH provides a quick effective joint mobility solution in a duffle bag
allowing a professional type stretch while standing, sitting or lying down.

Take the BFX STRETCH anywhere for use of multiple body parts such as neck, back, shoulders, and hips retraining tight problematic muscles for more flexibility and muscle tension relief.

Join the to stretch revolution along with other chiropractors, physical therapists and everyone who believes in optimal mobility for the most advanced All-In-One stretch device.

Customize your stretch with adjustable buckles and belts made for your height, weight and body part.

We were created to move, reach your mobility goals with the BFX STRETCH and become the strongest version of you!

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Olympic Fit

I am Clint Fuqua "The Health Engineer" and this is the gym I created 1 year ago. We work with everyone from High Level pro athletes to families just wanting to get in better health. We prioritize function and wellness over exercise intensity to ensure improved performance and health.

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Prism Light Pod

Founded in 2017, Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most-advanced & award-winning whole-body red light therapy system. Prism Light Pod uses red and near-infrared light waves to speed the body’s natural recovery process 4-10 times faster. Prism Light Pod is an FDA registered Class II medical device. Sessions are private, safe, non-invasive and optimized for performance recovery, pain management, weight-loss, anti-aging and more. Prism Light Pod has been awarded the prestigious Global Excellence Award as the Most-Powerful Full-Body Red Light Therapy System of 2020 and the Best Red Light Therapy Device of 2021. For information about Prism Light Pod, visit:

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Achieve Vitality

Infiniti Matrix is a simple, safe, and regenerative therapy that can stimulate and strengthen your body's internal repair system.

By harnessing the exceptional power of Infiniti Matrix, Achieve Vitality has helped countless clients pursue individualized paths to their best selves.

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Healthy Fit Systems

Health Fit Systems brings you the best non-invasive body shaping, toning, and slimming machines that focus on removing body fat while protecting lean muscle mass. The body shaping machines at HFS are the most advanced in their industry and can be used by anyone from home spas to medical professionals. Med spa owners choose these units because they provide affordable prices without sacrificing quality or results!

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SanoGEN is a California based company with a mission to support the health and well-being of our post Covid GENeration. Exponentially enhance your services and revenue by adding to your practice its incredible European devices: RegenU 3 & RegenU 8. It’s designed to assess, correct and protect the human bioenergy field, vertebral misalignment, identify and address psycho-emotional stress. Cellular regeneration is assured by specific frequencies signaling to the stem cells to be released into the bloodstream.
Utilizing a rare combination of technologies like Spectral-dynamic Analysis, BioResonance Therapy, Chinese Biomeridian System, Color Therapy and Millimeter Wave Technologies, these devices are true game changers in the field of bio-energy medicine .

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