Cereset is a non-invasive neurotechnology founded on the principle that the brain is capable of correcting itself when it can “see” that it is stuck – or unbalanced. Cereset is not driven by a conscious effort to train the brain or change the brain’s response, Cereset is guided by the brain itself, so it can relax, rebalance and reset itself naturally. A balanced brain is a way better brain and sustains a more healthy person in every way.

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Advanced testing of a patient’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is an essential tool for identifying clinical autonomic anomalies. It can unearth major illnesses before they reach catastrophic/chronic levels. We improve patient outcomes by utilizing early screening with portable devices that are FDA cleared and covered by most insurance. They are non-invasive cardiovascular screens that produce ANS data in minutes.

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Access Complete Wellness

We focus on the whole person, body, mind and spirit. Our priorotiy based heathcare is based on your body's unique needs. We work with you to find the fundamental root cause of your health issues whether that is physical, emotional or biochemical imbalances and toxins.

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DFW Thermography Inc

Offering breast or full-body screening - no radiation, painless, early detection. Full-color images showing heat that may represent inflammation or cold suggestive of neurological or vascular dysfunction. Over 84,000 temperatures are recorded in each image with our state-of-the-art medical camera and reports are written by M.D.s.

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Flourish Dental Boutique

We provide holistic and biological dentistry to families using 3 guiding principles: 1) Dentistry should be safe. 2) The health of your mouth is intricately related to your overall health. And 3) You were meant to flourish!

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Healthy Kids Pediatrics

Healthy Kids Pediatrics Center for Health and Wellbeing is an integrative holistic pediatric practice that focuses on raising the healthiest kids into the healthiest adults. Health is not just the absence of disease but rather about lifestyle choices that embrace a state of wellness. Dr Bain is board certified in pediatrics and integrative medicine. Dr Bain's specializations also include IFMCP, GCP, HCP, HPCP. She specializes in chronic medical conditions including eczema, asthma, ADHD, autism and autoimmune conditions and uses many modalities to get to the root of a child's health condition and offers comprehensive treatment plans to optimize wellness. HKP accept patients from birth to 23 yrs of age for wellness care, routine sick visits and functional medicine chronic condition visits.

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Merchant Preferred Zero

Merchant Preferred Zero's credit card program allows the business owner to stop paying merchant services fees. Credit card fees should not be a cost a doing business. There is no longterm agreement. We provide the equipment at no cost.

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PolyRegen Biosciences

PolyRegen Biosciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of a new generation of science-based products and services for health and wellness. Our intent is to create an interplay between personalized genetics driven regenerative care and cutting-edge products derived from molecular biosciences. Science based research is proving non-invasive Regenerative Care can be transformational to healthcare. Next generation procedures are assisting clinical practices due to significant advances in biomedical science. Our current allograft products are science based and derived from natural sources and we focus on minimally invasive applications. We are also offering DNA-based testing services to customer diet/nutrition and health & wellness.

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The DNA Company

After a clinical analysis on over 6,000+ executives, professional athletes and biohackers, The DNA Company has developed the most comprehensive DNA test ever. Trusted by leading biohackers such as Dave Asprey, what sets The DNA Company apart is the suite of 38 reports covering six core systems for human optimization:
• Cardiovascular system
• Immunity and Detox
• Sleep
• Diet and Nutrition
• Hormones and Fitness
• Mood and Behavior
The DNA Company partners with world class leaders such as Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of Stanford University’s Behavior Design Lab, to deliver not just data but easily actionable insights.
We help you unlock your genome to prevent diseases, slow aging and optimize performance.

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Texas HydroColonic

Texas HydroColonic offers the Angel of Water world premier colon irrigation system for private, safe, and effective colon cleansing. During the hydrotherapy treatment, the device gently infuses the colon with warm, filtered water to hydrate the bowel, activate peristalsis, and evacuate waste out of the body. This process may also be assisted by light abdominal massage to help facilitate results.

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