Dr. Fab Mancini

Dr. Fab Mancini

Health Hacks During the Pandemic and Beyond

World-renowned chiropractor with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Fab Mancini is an internationally acclaimed educator, business leader, speaker, consultant and President Emeritus of Parker University. He was named Humanitarian of the Year, CEO of the Year and inducted into the Wellness Revolutionaries Hall of Fame. Dr. Fab Mancini has a long history of being an educator and leader in Chiropractic and for the past 8 years is the media expert for Fox News, Dr. Phil and The Doctors. He is an international best-selling author of The Power of Self-Healing and the host of his popular radio show, Self-Healing with Dr. Fab. Dr. Fab also hosts his own celebrity podcast, The Fab Life. Dr. Fab Mancini has inspired millions for years as the ""Healthy Living"" Expert on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Fox News and CNN. Now, he brings you his “Essential Health” packs that will allow you to be healthy by giving the body essential natural nutrients!

Dr. Jerry Tennant

Dr. Jerry Tennant - Tennant Institute

Healing is Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD is a world-renowned physician, international author, and integrative health practitioner. He is a Harvard-trained ophthalmologist, founder of The Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine, and was named one of the Top 20 Alternative Doctors in America. Dr. Tennant holds over 13 patents for medical devices including intraocular lenses and surgical instruments. He is a pioneer in helping with the integration of a more holistic approach to the practice of medicine today, sharing an integrative practitioners Who’s Who list—with names like Drs. Oz, Mercola, Weil, Sears, Brownstein, and others. Dr. Tennant’s story is not just that of a doctor, but mirrors what many regular people face with their health issues today. From experiencing normal health, to a drastic change in illness, to dealing with a modern medicine system that doesn’t always have the answers, Dr. Tennant’s journey of healing is remarkable and revolutionary.


Dr. Nathan Bryan - Pneuma

The Common Denominator for Disease

Dr. Bryan has been a pioneer in nitric oxide research for over 20 years. He has made many seminal discoveries in the field which has resulted in dozens of issued U.S. and International patents. These discoveries and findings have transformed the development of safe and effective functional bioactive natural products in the treatment and prevention of human disease and may provide the basis for new preventive or therapeutic strategies in many chronic diseases. Dr. Bryan was the first to describe nitrite and nitrate as indispensable nutrients required for optimal cardiovascular health. He is an internationally known expert in the field of molecular medicine and nitric oxide biochemistry. He has also authored five books and numerous highly cited research papers.


Dr. Benjamin Arthur - Polyregen

Regenerative Personalized Precision Healthcare: The Emerging Paradigm

Dr. Benjamin Arthur, Dr.rer.Nat./PhD, serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of PolyRegen Biosciences, LLC, providing non-invasively source, science-based, derived from naturally sourced products that can be transformational to healthcare. Dr. Arthur’s goal is to provide tissue allograft suspensions and membrane patch products to the regenerative care market in an affordable manner – recognizing that a significant number of medical procedures are self-pay in nature. Prior to PolyRegen Biosciences, Dr. Arthur, was a founding partner and the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of two additional companies that produce tissue allografts and patches for use in regenerative medicine. Dr. Arthur is also the Chief Scientific Officer for Lifestyle Genetics, LLC, and the founder of The Right Shake, LLC, a company that produces meal replacements customized to each consumer’s unique genetic profile.


Dr. Patrick Porter - Brain Tap

Brain Health, What the Science Says

BrainTap™ creator Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D., began his journey into the science of calming the brain at age 12 when his father taught a relaxation method to him and his eight siblings. Porter soon recorded his first visualization on a cassette recorder and used it to transform himself from a self-professed “struggling student and storied troublemaker” into a three-sport athletic captain as well as an honor roll student. Today, Dr. Porter and his team of scientists and mindfulness experts are leading the way in brainwave entrainment technology. In the process, they’ve made BrainTap Technologies a global leader in the personal improvement field. With a library of more than 400 guided-audio programs (all voiced by Dr. Porter) and creative visualization processes, the BrainTap allows users to relax, reboot, and revitalize while achieving peak brain performance.


Chad Collins - Corganics

The Potential of the Endocannabinoid System

Chad Collins is a visionary, dynamic, and collaborative health care executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. Chad's roles have included executive-level general management as well as commercial and operational work involving the responsibility of building multibillion-dollar brands and businesses in the US and throughout North America. He has taken on leadership positions with large global organizations such as Sanofi, Stryker, and Galderma, plus a successful private health care start-up. Mr. Collins received an BBA from Texas Tech University, studied executive leadership at Harvard University, and earned an MBA in General Management from the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University.

Dr. Andrew Oteo

Dr. Andrew Oteo - Rapid Release

Applications of Vibrational Therapy

While studying Health and Exercise Science at the University of Oklahoma, a series of sports related injuries sparked Dr. Andrew Oteo's interest in finding the most successful ways to treat and prevent pain and injuries without the use of drugs or surgery. These life experiences led him to graduate school at Parker University, where he began pursuing his passion in life: helping people finally reach their full God-given health & performance potential through chiropractic care. Through the Texas Chiropractic Association and the Patriot Project, Dr. Oteo also volunteers his time and talents in developing programs for legislative action to ensure access to chiropractic services for veterans and underprivileged families.


Deb McFarland - OsteoStrong

Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis

Deb McFarland is the owner of OsteoStrong of Carrollton, and OsteoStrong’s 2019 Franchisee of the Year. She is a certified American Bone Health Peer Educator who graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Business Management. Before opening DFW’s first OsteoStrong location in January 2017, Deb served as Controller and HR Director for a local telecom software company.


Dr. Carla Garcia - DFW Thermography

Painless, Non-Invasive Imaging/Screening

Dr. Carla Garcia is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico with more than 20 years of experience in Thermography. She has performed thousands of scans in the U.S. and Canada. She has trained in the United States and Germany and is certified as a Clinical Thermographer by the American College of Clinical Thermology, the only Non-Profit, Medical Thermography Board in the United States. She has owned and operated the Thermograntphy Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico for over 20 years. She recently opened a new office, DFW Thermography, in Irving, Texas to serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Caroline Stites - Vibragenix

Sonic Vibrational Frequency Medicine

Caroline Stites' (ND, MS) goal was to create a paradigm shift by building a new path to total vitality – one that would be a fusion of Eastern, Western and Naturopathic medical philosophies. Why? Because of her life experience. She was raised in a family of traditional Medical Doctors, and highly respected this belief paradigm. Traditional Medicine centered around pharmaceuticals and surgery, and seemingly threw a drug at everything…headaches, sniffles, depression, high BP or cholesterol, pain, etc. She was well down the same path when she asked a question that changed her life journey forever. “Why are we treating symptoms and cutting out tumors and other disease, and yet never addressing the underlying problem? Why are we giving so many drugs, most of them with side effects…so we have to give other drugs to counteract those side effects…essentially creating chemical soup in the body, and bankrupting the individual with the high cost of prescriptions.” She thought, there must be a better way.


Dr. Phyllis Gee - Willowbend Wellness

Optimizing Your Feminine Health

Dr. Phyllis J Gee has practiced in the Dallas area since 1986 and been nationally recognized for her involvement in clinical research in women’s health, helping to advance treatment options for uterine fibroids and endometriosis. She has presented on numerous topics in women’s health but is most passionate about raising the awareness about hereditary cancer syndromes with her own focus on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer because of her strong family history. As founder and medical director of Willowbend Health & Wellness in Plano, Texas, Dr. Gee and her team provide integrative functional medicine services to men, women, and adolescents, where Dr. Gee has developed a comprehensive cardiometabolic program which focuses on addressing metabolic disorders like obesity, prediabetes, diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome to prevent the many complications that often accompany these disorders. Most recently Dr. Gee has incorporated regenerative medicine into their service offerings with a primary focus on urinary incontinence and sexual wellness utilizing a new FDA approved device for noninvasive gynecologic vaginal application to perform in-office treatment for urinary incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation, and sexual function.


Lynn Morales - Access Complete Wellness

How Toxic Are You?

Lynn's health practitioner training started in 2000. As a bioenergetic practitioner, she trained on a biofeedback machine to guide her to the body’s specific need for balancing. A lot of her training has been centered on the basics of how the body was intended to work; from nutritional needs to the very important aspect of emotional roots and the effect they play on disease and illness. Later, she began working with a hands on modality which enabled her to put aside the equipment and work strictly with facilitating the body’s healing process through energetic medicine or the body’s own energy field. She later obtained her Naturopathic Doctorate through Trinity College of Natural Health. This allowed her to study a wide range of modalities such as herbology, flower essence therapy, reflexology, homeopathy and iridology just to name a few. In late 2004, she was introduced to BodyTalk. She felt a desire to use a modality that would allow her to work with her clients on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual and would not tie her to equipment or supplements. She is a certified BodyTalk practitioner and PaRama College graduate for advanced BodyTalk.


Dr. Toni Engram - Flourish Dental

Cavity Cure: A Holistic Approach to Tooth Decay

Dr. Engram was exposed to the healthcare industry at any early age, with many of her family members working in the medical field, she was immediately drawn to a career in which she could help people flourish.Dr. Engram graduated magna cum laude in biology from Texas Christian University, then received her DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry. She is a certified integrative health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


Mark Holland - Choose Health

The Future of Virtual Diagnostics

The concept for the original Choose Health business was developed while we Mark Holland was building his last company, a dietary supplement brand and distribution business called Lifes2good. They spent a lot of money running clinical trials on their products to both substantiate them legally and to prove to the medical community and their customers that they worked. There was a lot of frustration watching other supplement marketers make unsubstantiated claims on nutritional products that didn’t work. There is really no onus on the part of early-stage supplement marketers to substantiate their product claims. As a result, the customer is victim to over-hyped and under substantiated nutritional products.


Dr. Deborah Bain - Health Kids Pediatrics

Rescuing the Next Generation - Are You In?

Deborah Bain, MD, FAAP, is a holistic integrative pediatrician and owner of Healthy Kids Pediatrics in Frisco, TX. She is the author of How the Chiropractor Saved My Life and a guest contributing author for Natural Awakenings Magazine. She has been featured on Know the Cause, a nationally syndicated television show, and the Healthy by Nature radio show. She has been a board-certified pediatrician for 23 years and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Bain received her traditional medical training through UTHSC San Antonio and her pediatric training through Children’s Medical Center Dallas. She practiced the standard Western medicine approach for 10 years before she became an integrative pediatrician due to her own health challenges.


Thomas Waid - Deca Aloe

Achieving Supreme Immune Function

Thomas Waid is President and CEO Deca Aloe Arborescens US (Deca Aloe) of Dallas, Texas . A lifelong advocate of health, fitness and anti-aging lifestyle in his research he found a rare phyto-therapeutic Brazilian recipe published in two books by Franciscan Priest Father Romano Zago of Brazil for boosting the body’s own innate immune system and gentle whole-body detoxification. Extensive scientific research of the two key ingredients of the formula, whole leaf Aloe arborescens juice and raw honey substantiats how the recipe is beneficial to people suffering from over one hundred different chronic health conditions including cancer, diabetes, and obesity. As an entrepreneur he met with Father Romano Zago, Brazilian scholar, author and publisher and a European manufacture of the formula and in 2007 began manufacturing and distributing it commercially in North America as a nutraceutical / medical food for the dietary management of a compromised immune system function.


Brian Dickerson - Star Hemp

Hempflavin: Mother Nature's Flavonoid Formula for Wellbeing

Brian Dickerson grew up in Naples, Florida and is the owner of Grassy Run Ranch, a cattle ranch, in Labelle, Florida. Mr. Dickerson is a partner with the law firm of FisherBroyles (22 offices nationwide), where he specializes in representing pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and health care practices. He also represents private label and OTC manufacturers related to the cannabis industry, and the state and federal regulatory landscape pertaining to the Federal Drug Administration and United States Department of Agriculture. He has represented cultivators and processors in multiple states.


Rowena Gates - ENG-3

Why Supporting Protein Folding has a Big Impact on Health and Wellbeing

Rowena Gates is a principal and the vice president of business development for Eng3 Corporation. She has worked with the company for more than a decade, addressing the health, wellness and performance markets. Like Hans, Rowena is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to joining Eng3, Rowena spent six years as founder and CEO of Aviarc Corporation, a leader in document chain management. Before Aviarc, she co-founded a document imaging company, now called ImageSource. And prior to this, in 1995, she co-founded one of the earliest companies to offer an Internet-based solution to the logistics industry. Rowena received a Doctorate from the University of Washington for her dissertation on the use of international strategic alliances by emerging high-tech companies.


Cathy Lemmon - Healthy Healing Arts

Homeopathy: A Solid and Effective Medicine for Healing and Preventing

Cathy has completed homeopathic studies at the School of Homeopathy in the UK and postgraduate work at the College of Practical Homeopathy in London. She has also completed specialized homeopathic studies through Gesundes Bewußtsein in Germany and the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) in the Netherlands. Additionally, she has been trained in the use of the Narayani remedies and has studied the fascinating chakra flower essences, each of which she utilizes in her practise as well. It is a passion of hers to help others, through the inherently safe medicine of homeopathy, reach a level of health and wellness they may never have known. Clients have told her many times they hadn’t realized how well they could feel.


Roger Swedzinski - Eniva

Blood Sugar Issues

Roger Swedzinski is a key account executive in Eniva's professional medical division. Eniva was started in May of 1998 and owns and operates a Class 10,000, FDA inspected, USDA approved pharmaceutical lab and manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Eniva Health is NSF certified and has no GMO's, dairy or gluten in any of its products. They specialize in the field of liquid nutraceuticals with a strong emphasis in the area of mineral elements for wellness.


John Hewlett - Cardio Miracle

John Hewlett is the founder and formulator of CARDIO Miracle, an easy-to-take, all natural supplement designed to stimulate the body's production of nitric oxide. John has been formulating, researching, educating, and marketing nitric oxide supplementation for the past decade. He credits its value to reversing his own chronic health issues.


Mary Anne Morris - Healthy Cooking of Texas

Detoxify your Healthy Cooking

Mary Anne started cooking healthily for her family after reading a book about how toxic our food is. This spread to neighbors and friends who experienced the positive consequences and it soon developed into a business that has grown and helped a lot of people get healthy. Whether people are pro-active or reactive with their health, her cooking classes and products will help ensure your food is your medicine!


Yoon Chang - Eline Orthodontics

Combining Orthodontia with a Holistic Approach

Dr. Yoon Chang is passionate about creating beautiful and functional smiles which elevate his patients’ self-esteem and quality of life. He is continually amazed to observe the dramatic changes provided by orthodontic treatment in such a relatively short amount of time. Even more important to Dr. Chang is the confidence he witnesses in his patients when their treatment is complete. Dr. Chang’s interest in the orthodontic field began in high school when he saw the difference that orthodontic treatment made in his sister’s life. He realized that many opportunities and new social circles were opened to her after gaining a beautiful smile. From then on, he dreamed about being an orthodontist, creating beautiful smiles for those who seek his help.


Paul Barattiero - Synergy Science


Dr. Barattiero is the Founder and CEO of Synergy Science™. He has been a pioneer and leader in the hydrogen water industry for 15 years. Dr. Barattiero has labored to bring to market cutting-edge, science-based, natural-healing technologies to facilitate detoxification, gut recovery, and reduced oxidative stress and inflammation as well as protection from EMF radiation. You can find Dr. Barattiero featured in numerous shows and documentaries and has co-authored several books. He lives with his family in the mountains of Utah.


Kashif Khan - The DNA Company

Kashif Khan is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. With the largest study of its kind globally, The DNA Company has developed a functional approach to genomic interpretation overlaying environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on the genetic blueprint to create personalized and deterministic health outcomes. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada in an immigrant household, Kashif developed an industrious entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Prior to his tenure at the DNA Company, Kashif advised a number of high-growth start-ups in a variety of industries including luxury retail, technology, finance, fine arts, healthcare, tourism and real estate. He participated in over $300 million in revenue in his own retail business prior to launching consulting services to help others thrive.

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia Mind Therapy Center

Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback

Dr. Nanaz Pirnia is a psychotherapist, neurotherapist and educational psychologist in private practice for over 35 years. She has been a consultant to many schools including the Beverly Hills Schools. Dr. Pirnia is specifically involved and experienced in working with children and adults who have behavioral, emotional, social, psychological or educational problems. Full evaluation and assessment of children and adolescence, marriage and family counseling, and individual neurointegration therapy are the range of her expertise. Dr. Pirnia is the founder and director of the Mind Therapy Center. She is the originator of the “Circle of Happiness” system for teenagers and adults who seek balance in life. She is a frequent lecturer and radio/TV guest speaker. She is the creator of an innovative neurointegration therapy to optimize the brain for better health as well as improving and eliminating symptoms and disorders that interfere with the body and mind.

Dr. Alfred Johnson

Dr. Alfred Johnson - Johnson Medical Associates

Hyperbaric Use for Chronic Health Problems

Alfred R. Johnson, D.O., is a doctor of internal medicine and women’s health (bioidentical hormones) with a special interest in the area of chronic illness, allergy and environmental medicine. He is currently in private practice at Johnson Medical Associates – Richardson, Texas – and has served a six-year term on the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, the 15-member governing body for physicians in the state. Dr. Johnson currently holds licenses to practice medicine in Texas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. He has published numerous research studies, which include topics related to immune system function, as well as those examining the health effects of environmental factors on the human body. He has also addressed many national and international medical conferences regarding his research.